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A new initiative has launched at The Global College aimed at giving students the chance to perform in front of an audience and show off their creative and musical talents – Music Mondays.

On Monday afternoons, our co-working space will be turned over to musicians within the school community. It’s a chance for students to perform music from all genres, sing karaoke, jam, and more. Creativity is encouraged.

This week, after Pablo performed a stunning performance, two other students, Blanca and Martina sat down next to the piano and began reeling off Whitney Houston’s back catalogue. Those in attendance were wowed with a brilliant show put on by the duo. Congratulations to everyone who took part. 

Music Mondays as a way to develop key skills

As a college, we are always looking for ways to develop key skills students will need as they move on to university life and beyond. As well as following the IB curriculum, students at The Global College are encouraged to develop and discover interests through a range of extra curricular activities, and by also getting out and about in Madrid.

Music is one such way that we can help students develop skills such as the ability to perform or present in front of an audience, improve self confidence and pride, take ownership of their work, and more. Keep an eye out in this news section as we develop more such initiatives as the year progresses.