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What’s in a name? Firstly, we are Global because we are an international college with a diverse community of teachers and students, and we have the gold standard regarding international academic programs: we are the only college in the center of Madrid that offers the IB in English.

Secondly, our all-round interdisciplinary curriculum is global in the sense that it combines STEM and humanities education with skill development, preparing our students for the future.

Thirdly, a truly global aspect of our college is that we see all students as well-rounded individuals, whose education should lead them to flourish not only academically, but also socially and emotionally.  

Estudiar Bachillerato internacional en un mundo global


We promote international mindedness and prepare our students to have a positive impact in a global society. At The Global College, therefore, we purposefully seek to achieve a diverse community with many nationalities and cultures, enriching the learning experience and fostering understanding, respect and openness. We truly believe that the IB Diploma Programme offers the best education for university life, future careers and citizenship in an increasingly complex and interconnected world.

image of students in class


We promote subject knowledge and skills. Students at The Global College have excellent literacy and maths skills and receive a balanced education that combines science and humanities. This multidisciplinary approach helps students to make connections between ideas and concepts across different disciplines, enhancing their learning and understanding of complex issues. At the same time, we develop their key skills, such as communication, research, collaboration, critical thinking and self-management.

holistic view of the student


At The Global College, we care about every individual’s intellectual, emotional and physical wellbeing. We cultivate reflection, the arts, sport and community service in all our students through Extended Experiences (CAS). Our goal is to educate well-balanced individuals who are able to rise to the challenges ahead of them, while positively contributing to the world in which they live.