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Why should you consider studying at The Global College?

The Global College is a forward-looking and innovative institution, with a mission to provide students with an outstanding preparation to navigate a world of constant change. Anchored in the vision and values of IE University’s distinctive and international education, we occupy a unique position with a superb city campus which includes the offer of boarding. At The Global College, we will offer a personalized education, built around the International Baccalaureate, so that all students can achieve their full potential, preparing them for access to leading universities worldwide.

What are the IB Diploma Programme benefits?

Coupled with our dedication to personalized learning, breadth of study, entrepreneurial and technological skills, and future planning we believe that the IBDP gives students their best start into the next stage of their lives.
We love the IB breadth, academic rigour and focus on more than just study. IB is about building character and creating open, inquiring minds who will be balanced reflective thinkers and communicators acting with principle in and for our future.
The IB is one of the highest regarded school programs. It is accepted by all universities and in some cases it is accepted in lieu of their traditional entrance tests. The classes at higher level at IBDP are equivalent to the undergraduate program in an American University and the educational processes prepare students to tackle the most competitive of tertiary education.

What subjects does The Global College offer?

The list of subjects offered in the academic year 2022-23 can be found here. We offer a diverse number of courses that allow each student to develop the breadth and depth of knowledge that the IB Diploma Programme requires.

How do you support EAL students?

One of the entry requirements of the college is that students are able to access the curriculum effectively in English. Therefore, all our students must have a good command of written and spoken English. There is no EAL class within school, but support will be available on a case-by-case basis. The needs will be assessed by the student’s mentor and he will ensure that support is delivered through the faculty.

Is the Entrepreneurial project part of the grading system?

No, like the CAS program of the IB curriculum, the Entrepreneurial project is mandatory and a key part of our educational program, but it does not involve a specific grade, as our grading system must adhere to the guidelines established by the IB Organization. We are dedicated to unleashing the entrepreneurial spirit, so that all our students acquire the skills and competences to face challenges and embrace the future.

How do you promote students’ personal and social development?

Every student has a personal mentor from the faculty. The Global College mentoring is a sustained, daily, structured academic and pastoral framework to help guide all students through their studies, lives and to their future. Taking best practices from the top UK boarding schools, educational research and innovative classroom approaches gives the college the ability to provide targeted, personalized learning for every student.


What are the entry requirements?

Applications for The Global College will be based on a combination of analytical writing, communication skills, interviews, and school reports. Candidates will be invited to submit any other additional work or experience they consider relevant.
The personal requirements are as important: students must be ambitious. This does not just mean their grades. We want students who demonstrate a desire to become better every day; who read, reflect, engage and think. We will welcome students who want to take a place in the wider world and make a difference for and to others.

Is there a deadline for submitting an application?

The enrollment process will open in the fall and we recommend that you submit your application as soon as possible, since The Global College offers a limited number of places per intake. For Day Students, the process closes by the end of January and the Admissions Committee will communicate its decision on February. For Boarding Students, the Admissions Process consists of 2 rounds. Please visit the Admissions Overview page for more details and application deadlines:

How diverse is the community at The Global College?

Diversity in nationalities, culture, and backgrounds is part of the DNA of The Global College, and as such we strive to build a community that reflects that diversity and it is something that will be considered in the admission process. However, there is not at the moment an established fixed ratio of any kind.

What are The Global College fees? Are there scholarships and financial aid available?

You can see The Global College tuition rates and fees here. We are committed to building a diverse student body in terms of nationalities, cultures and backgrounds. To this end, we offer two financial aid programs: Merit-based scholarships and Means-tested grants. If you wish to receive information about this program, please contact us at


What is the campus like?

Our world class campus is in the middle of one of the most desirable districts in Madrid. Open at weekends for our boarding students and those who want to use the facilities, the spaces available are geared around the student and the IB education; encouraging risk taking, inquiry and collaboration. Our classrooms, labs and creativity areas are all technologically enhanced while we dedicate a huge amount of space to co-working spaces as well as discussion and entrepreneurship hubs.

What is the ratio of students per class?

In the IB Diploma Programme students create a bespoke program of study by selecting their subjects from six areas. Therefore, some courses may have 5 students while others could go up to 25.

Is there a uniform?

We do not have a uniform, but we expect every member of the community to dress appropriately for college or their activities. In class this means business attire, if dialing in for class this means a smart but casual attire.

How are parents kept informed?

Parents will have regular information from their children’s mentors on their progress and there will be regular parent/student/teacher conferences online. We will be welcoming parents into the college. We want to work in partnership with our parent body whenever we can and hope to involve parents not just in the traditional school events, but also in our wellbeing, careers and external speakers’ programs which can be joined from anywhere on earth.


Is there a Summer immersive course before September?

In July there will be an introductory Summer IB Camp that is not mandatory but highly recommended. Applications will be received from April.

What are the Extended Experiences?

These are experiences organized by the college that enhance the academic program. Through our Extended Experiences students will try new sports, visit artistic venues, complete service to the community and participate in entrepreneurial ventures: this wealth of extracurricular activities will help them grow as students and also fulfill the IB CAS requirement. We aim for Extended Experiences to provide an enjoyable learning experience, but also create opportunities for reflection and growth.


Do IBDP students have to take the EvAU?

No, students who have the IB Diploma do not need to sit University Entrance Exams (Selectividad or EvAU), as they are able to validate their IB Diploma points to gain access to the Spanish system (from 24=5 to 42-45=10). For the extra 4 points, IB students have the advantage of two options: they can convert the grades of their subject courses, and/or pass the exams of the “fase específica” at the UNED. IB students can even do both and apply to a university with the highest score, while the students of the national system can only apply through the “fase específica”.
Students should check with the university of their choice as some, in recognition of IB´s high value, have established a direct IB Route.

What support do you give to students with university applications?

Preparation for this begins before students arrive. We want to know all about their ambitions and what they are doing to pursue them in the admissions process, and we will be actively keeping in touch with them before they arrive to see how these are progressing. Once in the college, their mentor will help lay out a programme of study, approach and applications for their chosen field, and will help the student all the way up to university.

Does studying at TGC guarantee a place at IE University?

The Global College has a unique insight into the education and skills that students need to be both university and career ready thanks to our partnership with IE University. Our strategic alliance is conducted primarily through the activity of three of its key centers, which contribute to the college in important areas such as Entrepreneurship, Learning Innovation and Wellbeing. We are proud to draw on the knowledge, prestige and values of IE University. However, it is important to know that The Global College does not prepare its students for one specific university, but for all leading higher education institutions, in Spain and abroad, and for every field of study. Our career guidance team will help students access the university that best suits their ambitions, be it IE University or elsewhere. Students that wish to apply to IE University will have to follow the general admission process established by IE University.