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Adolescence is a critical period in the development of long-term attitudes towards personal wellbeing and healthy lifestyle choices. It is a stage where students are developing their passions, interests and choosing their future career path. Our role is to provide students with the frameworks to face and solve these challenges, not just to succeed academically but also to thrive and live at their very best.


Our Wellbeing Program is overseen by the IE Center for Health, Wellbeing, and Happiness. The Center is presided over by Dr. Mario Alonso Puig, Fellow in Surgery at Harvard University Medical School, expert in positive psychology and motivation, and member of the Advisory Board of The Global College.

The Center takes a scientifically grounded and holistic approach to enhancing performance and happiness through simple, practical, and sustainable educational programs.

Wheel infographic on student health with sections for body, mind, spirit, health, wellbeing, and happiness


The program focuses on three core areas essential for students to reach their full potential: body (health), mind (wellbeing) and spirit (happiness). Through workshops, activities and sessions based on research, we will provide knowledge and effective tools to make healthy lifestyle choices and understand their impact on wellbeing and academic performance. Sessions will take place throughout each term to strengthen these dimensions.

Fostering confidence and responsibility in our students is key for developing a growth mindset, where students believe in their own academic and personal development for their future success.


Focusing on a healthy lifestyle through good nutrition, sleep, time management and relieving stress through exercise and outdoor activities, is crucial for reaching their best potential.


Finding and practicing habits that help students manage technology and social media positively, while building relationships through empathy and kindness, are essential to attain emotional balance and a confident attitude towards learning.


We guide and support our students as they set goals, contribute to others and find their next steps within education. This builds meaning and confidence which are key in finding a life’s purpose.


Through pastoral care at The Global College, we seek to improve our student’s emotional and physical wellbeing. All students are assigned a personal mentor whose role is to accompany the student in both personal and professional dimensions. Mentors are vital to help them shape their future path and motivate them to develop their interests and skills to achieve their goals and reach their fullest potential.

Personal mentors at the college meet students every two weeks to discuss work, life and their future goals. The boarding students have an additional layer of support through the boarding team, led by the Vice Principal Pastoral. The boarders are able to work with the pastoral team to develop their own spaces in the boarding residence and create their own activities during weekends.