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The Global College this week welcomed IE professor Teresa Martín-Retortillo for a fascinating masterclass on “Learning how to learn” in which she discussed how students can unleash the power of their brains to reach their full potential.

Students discovered that by applying effective – and proven – strategies, they can learn in a more efficient manner.

Teresa, who is Executive President of IE XL and an instructor on the MOOC called “Aprendiendo a Aprender”, covered many areas in which students can improve their learning technique and efficiency – a significant process as they approach the IB exams in the summer. This included:

  • Defining the meaning of learning
  • Why it is important to let your mind wander in the learning process, especially for developing the creative side.
  • The importance of sleep and how we continue to learn while we do so
  • Simply and effective ways to prevent procrastination
  • How to memorise and encapsulate chunks of information
  • Focused and diffused models of thinking

As part of our alliance with IE University, our students will have the opportunity to continue benefiting from masterclasses with experts and leaders in their areas. It’s part of our commitment to ensuring students receive an all-round and quality education, ready to tackle university studies at leading institutions across the world before embarking on successful careers.