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Quality education and innovation. Can both of these qualities be present in the same place? Of course, they can, and one example is The Global College.

The Global College is well known for its unique approach to education and innovation. In addition to being an accredited IB school, The Global College provides a comprehensive education beyond the IB curriculum.

Before coming to Madrid, I studied in public schools in Latvia and America, which was a completely different experience from studying at The Global College. The whole school is imbued with innovation and entrepreneurship, and here are few features that make the TGC experience unique from any other school:


Entrepreneurship Project in alliance with IE University

The Entrepreneurship Project co-designed with IE University is part of the innovative program offered by The Global College. During this program, your team will come up with an idea for a business, which will be pitched in front of judges during the final presentations. This process will sparkle your entrepreneurial gut and help you to become more independent and prepared to deal with real-world problems. The Entrepreneurship Project conducted under the supervision of IE professors is a great opportunity to expand your knowledge in business, learn how to develop a business plan and conduct market research together with your team of like-minded peers.

For example, currently, my team and I are working on a special app for international students. It will help students who just moved abroad for studies to navigate their way around the city, find out about different events and be safe.


Flexi Fridays

Flexi Fridays – are part of the liquid learning methodology that deserves your attention. Every other month, The Global College has a Friday when students don’t need to come to school and can study online, on their own. These Fridays are called – Flexi Fridays. Many students use this opportunity to travel to see their families or have a nice trip to the nearby city with their friends to explore the Spanish culture even further. Flexi Fridays allow YOU to take control of your learning and manage your time, which are extremely useful tools for both your future career and personal life.


Inspiring Speakers

Inspiring speakers that visit The Global College are another unique feature of our school. Just last term, students had an opportunity to meet Uri Levine and John Maeda in person. We were also able to hear their amazing stories and most importantly – ask questions. Through these sessions with professionals from various fields, students can learn more about their future career choices and meet incredible people.

From these sessions, I found out that a great leader needs to have both – creativity and entrepreneurship and that you need to concentrate on the problem that you want to solve rather than on the solution (Fall in love with the problem, not the solution – Uri Levine).


Learning Beyond the Classroom

Learning beyond the classroom is one more distinctive feature of The Global College. If you take German and you’re learning about the Berlin Wall Fall – you go to the exhibition about the Berlin Wall. If you’re in Biology class, expect few field trips coming your way. Visiting various museums or exhibitions is another component of the education in The Global College, which allows students to explore their areas of interest not only in the classroom walls but also in Madrid and beyond.

In general, what I like the most about The Global College is the dynamic environment of the school. There is always something happening – a speaker comes to visit, a trip or excursion is arranged or a new lesson on entrepreneurship comes. The Global College is a living organism in which there’s always something going on, and that’s exactly what helps you adapt to the constant changes in the real world and enjoy them.


About the Author

Ksenija is a boarding student from Latvia. She is a multilingual enthusiast with fluency in Latvian, Russian, and English, along with proficiency in German and basic Spanish. Ksenija loves to read and actively helps her community by being a volunteer in a library and organizing different projects. Interested in Public Policy, Business, and International Relations, Ksenija looks forward to combining all her skills and experiences to pursue her passion for helping people.