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The recent inauguration of the entrepreneurship program at The Global College marked a significant milestone with the esteemed presence of Uri Levine, the visionary founder behind the groundbreaking navigation app, Waze.

Levine’s visit stirred an air of excitement and inspiration as he shared invaluable insights into the fundamental principles that drive successful entrepreneurship, emphasizing a core philosophy: the art of falling in love with the problem at hand.

Waze, a revolutionary navigation application launched in 2006, has transcended boundaries, boasting a staggering user base of over 150 million individuals globally. Its innovative approach harnesses crowdsourced data to furnish drivers with real-time, dependable information crucial for navigating routes efficiently. During an enriching and immersive hour-long masterclass, Levine traversed the landscape of his entrepreneurial journey. His narrative wasn’t just a recount of achievements but a profound exploration of pivotal lessons tailored for the budding, ambitious minds in attendance.

Throughout the masterclass, Levine intricately wove together anecdotes, strategic decisions, and personal reflections, encapsulating the essence of entrepreneurial spirit and the requisite mindset for success. He highlighted the significance of tenacity, resilience, and a relentless pursuit of innovative solutions, offering a roadmap that resonated deeply with the aspiring entrepreneurs present, sparking a renewed vigor for their own endeavors. The event left an indelible imprint, igniting a flame of inspiration and knowledge that will undoubtedly guide the participants on their entrepreneurial quests.