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John Maeda, a distinguished figure in the world of technology and design, currently holding the position of Vice-President of Artificial Intelligence & Design at Microsoft, recently visited The Global College to give an enlightening and motivational address to officially inaugurate the new school year.

In his thought-provoking talk, Mr. Maeda passionately conveyed the significance of nurturing a “maker” mindset among our students, urging them to become the driving force behind pioneering, transformative solutions to the intricate challenges that permeate both organisational and societal landscapes.

Maeda’s talk extended far beyond mere encouragement; he delved into the profound implications of harnessing Artificial Intelligence as a potent tool in the arsenal of our aspiring learners. He underscored that AI should not be viewed as a substitute for human creativity but rather as a dynamic enhancer, a catalyst that can amplify their creative faculties and bolster their design thinking acumen.

The presentation afforded our students an invaluable glimpse into the profound potential of technology and how it can be harnessed to revolutionise the realm of education. Mr. Maeda’s insights illuminated the path towards a future where AI is not merely a buzzword but a transformative force that empowers individuals to push the boundaries of innovation and imagination, all in service of creating a brighter, more enlightened world.