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The inaugural Wellbeing Day for our IBDP1 students, which took place on September 22nd, marked the commencement of a year-long journey dedicated to nurturing the holistic wellness of our students. Spearheaded by Lisa Bevill, Head of the IE Center for Health, Wellbeing, and Happiness, this day was thoughtfully curated to equip our students with a robust foundation in emotional health and wellbeing.

The day’s itinerary was thoughtfully crafted to encompass a wide spectrum of experiences designed to foster personal growth and overall wellbeing. To kickstart the event, Lisa led an engaging and enlightening session delving into the nuances of emotional health and wellbeing, providing our students with valuable insights and tools to navigate the complexities of their emotional landscapes.

Following this session, our students had the privilege of participating in a series of workshops tailored to address various aspects of their wellbeing. These workshops included “Breathing away your stress,” a session aimed at imparting relaxation techniques and stress management skills; “Learning to express yourself through ART,” where students explored the therapeutic potential of artistic expression; “Teamwork and Trust,” a collaborative activity that emphasised the importance of cooperation and mutual trust; and “Cooking with Courage,” an adventure in culinary creativity that encouraged our students to step outside their comfort zones.

Beyond the enriching workshops and sessions, the Wellbeing Day served as a unique opportunity for our first-year students to forge new connections and deepen their relationships with their peers. Building a sense of community and camaraderie is an integral part of our educational ethos, and this event allowed students to interact in a relaxed and nurturing environment, fostering bonds that will undoubtedly contribute to a positive and supportive learning environment throughout the academic year.

Meanwhile, our IBDP2 students embarked on their own educational journey during the first Flexi-Friday of the academic year. This innovative approach to learning provided them with a chance to engage in asynchronous activities and tasks, allowing for flexibility in their learning experiences while also emphasising self-directed and independent learning skills.

As we reflect on this Wellbeing Day and the opportunities it provides for personal growth, skill development, and relationship building, we look forward to the continued growth and flourishing of our students in the coming year, with a deep commitment to their holistic development and wellbeing at the forefront of our educational mission.