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The Global College recently welcomed Juan Romo, Vice Chancellor of Universidad Carlos III, to speak to students about the degree offering at one of Spain’s leading universities.

The visit was part of our Guidance Program offered at the college in which students can meet representatives from universities around the world and ask questions about degree options, student life, career options, and more. The visit from Juan Romo means we have now welcomed 30 different universities to meet with students.

During his talk, Juan spoke about the different options at Universidad Carlos III, one of Spain’s most renowned universities, with particular focus on the undergraduate programmes offered in English. The university currently has 11 degrees delivered fully in English and 24 bilingual ones.

Our students showed great interest in what they could potentially study, with questions being asked about degrees across the spectrum including: Biomedical Engineering, Aerospace Engineering, Computer Science, and Business Administration.

As well as having an extensive portfolio of bilingual or English programmes, UC3M has received a dual accreditation from the Council for Entrepreneurial and Engaged Universities ACEEU, being the 1st in Europe and 2nd worldwide to receive it.

We place great importance at TGC to ensure students not only excel academically, but are also prepared to face the realities and challenges of student life at university and beyond. Throughout their time with us they will have a personal tutor who will provide guidance on the application process, how to write a CV, essay writing, presentations, and more.