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Students at The Global College have launched a radio show that takes place on a daily basis and broadcasts across the whole campus.

Devised and produced by a student team in collaboration with our language teachers at the college, the show, which is broadcast at 12.30pm, contains all sorts of elements and features, from entertainment, current events, to rock, or flamenco.

It is recorded and produced in our Radio Lab, a space designed for students to work on their communication skills, learn different presentation techniques, and audio production practices. It is also a fantastic way to give students some on-hands experience and see for themselves how a radio show is made – particularly for those aiming to go into the media sector after school and university life.

Activities such as this are part of our efforts to provide an all-round and quality education in which students are equipped with the skills needed to succeed. Our approach to learning means students are encouraged to explore their interests and gain valuable experience.

Look out for more activities launched by our language department that will allow students to work with different languages but other similar actions within other subject areas too.