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The whole TGC community gathered on campus over the final weekend of November for a study weekend, designed to boost collaborative learning and help students as they geared up for the end of term exams.

Our magnificent campus, located in the heart of Madrid, was open over both days for students to study together and spend time with our faculty to answer any doubts they may have had.

Collaborative learning is a key part of the educational experience at The Global College as it allows students to develop important skills such as teamwork and communication among others. All of these will need to be used in the different environments they  find themselves in as they move on to university and beyond, perhaps even setting up their own entrepreneurial adventure in the future.

Mindfulness session to manage stress

In addition to being able to study together, students also took part in a mindfulness and meditation session, led by Rodrigo Aguirre de Cárcer, a professor at IE Business School. The session involved an introduction to what mediation is, and how students can start incorporating it into their daily lives to help dealing with stressful situations, not just exam preparation.

It ended with a 30-minute meditation session in which student were able to benefit from what they had learned and put it into practice.