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One of Spain’s most recognised writers, Rosa Montero, recently visited the College to give a talk to students about her journey as a writer.

Having read one of her most famous works as part of the Spanish Language and Literature IB programme, our students were thrilled to listen and discover more about Rosa’s life and experience. She also discussed the power of imagination, fiction, and reality in today’s ever-changing landscape.

As a college, we aim to provide students with the chance to meet key figures in a wide range of industries as they look to make decisions on their own futures – both for what university to study at and what career they’d like to embark on.

Our alliance with IE University means we have visits from leading professors, but we also endeavour to invite a whole range of guests to talk about their experiences. This visit adds to other conversations at college with playwriter Denise Desperaux and Rebecca Yanke, journalist at El Mundo.