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Students at the Global College were treated recently to a truly inspirational talk given by Fernando Vega de Seoane about finding purpose and happiness.

The successful businessman was involved in a skiing accident that left him paraplegic 18 months ago. Rather than focusing on the negatives of the accident and how it changed his life, Fernando has gone on to become a social media icon and is known for his positivity and encouraging people to find happiness in life, no matter what the circumstances.

The father-of-five told our captive audience that no matter what they choose to do in life, they should do so with purpose and find the positives in everything, no matter what hurdles come their way.

Discussing his own experience, he told students that even before the ski accident he had always found positivity the key to overcome hurdles. As a businessman, and with 5 kids, he said he faced plenty of obstacles, but saw them as opportunities to grow and develop inner strength. 

We are lucky to have had the chance for Fernando to visit and we are sure his story will inspire our students are they prepare for life beyond the College at university and as they launch their careers – with purpose and positivity.