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Luis Bartolomé, an esteemed educator and Language & Interpretation teacher at The Global College, recently showcased his artistic prowess beyond the classroom by inaugurating the Province’s Theater Show at the renowned Juan Bravo Theater in Segovia. As a multi-talented individual, not only does he impart knowledge in IB Literature and Theater Performance, but he also actively contributes to the local cultural scene through his theater company, Catarsis.

The spotlight was on Bartolomé’s latest creation, “We will pass without names to history,” a captivating play that explores the intricate nuances of confinement. The narrative revolves around three roommates grappling with the challenges of boredom, fear, stress, and anxiety. Bartolomé skillfully weaves together elements of traditional theater with modern themes, providing the audience with a thought-provoking experience.

The play, an artistic endeavor that delves into profound questions about the human condition, confronts societal norms, and contemplates the role of science in addressing humanity’s existential queries. Through the characters’ engaging interactions, the audience is prompted to reflect on their own places in society and ponder whether scientific advancements can truly unravel the mysteries of our existence.

Bartolomé’s contribution to the Province’s Theater Show not only highlights his creative brilliance but also underscores the diverse talents within our academic community. As an institution that values both academic excellence and artistic expression, we take pride in the accomplishments of our faculty members beyond the classroom.

This exhibition serves as a testament to the holistic and enriching environment that The Global College cultivates, fostering a symbiotic relationship between education and the arts. We congratulate Luis Bartolomé on his theatrical triumph and look forward to more intersections of academia and the arts within our vibrant educational community.