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The recently concluded elections for the IBDP1 Student Government marked a significant moment in the academic journey of our students. This democratic process not only empowers our budding leaders but also serves as a cornerstone in shaping the vibrant and inclusive culture of our educational community.

The elected representatives are not just individuals; they embody the collective voice of our student body, contributing to the dynamic life of the school.

In this democratic exercise, where students exercised their right to vote, we are delighted to announce the deserving winners of key positions. A round of applause is due for Luisa, a talented student from Chile, who emerged triumphant as the Head Student, entrusted with the responsibility of leading by example. Joining her in the leadership cadre is Victor from Norway, elected as the Deputy Head Student, bringing a diverse perspective to the forefront. Additionally, we extend heartfelt congratulations to Berta from Spain, appointed as the Deputy Head-Chair of the Student Council, contributing her skills to the overall governance structure.

It is worth emphasizing that the Student Council is not merely a symbolic entity; rather, it is a vital platform for the expression of student opinions and concerns. As we celebrate the election results, we anticipate the council’s active involvement in championing the interests of their peers and collaborating with the school administration to enhance the overall student experience.

The complete list of elected council members can be found in the link provided, showcasing the diversity and talent that our student body brings to the leadership table. We look forward to witnessing the positive impact that these elected representatives will undoubtedly have on the school community, fostering a culture of engagement, collaboration, and empowerment.