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At The Global College, the wellbeing of our students is of the utmost importance. Adolescence is a critical period in the development of long-term attitudes towards personal wellbeing and healthy lifestyle choices. The Global College’s Wellbeing Program is unique and aims to provide relevant skills that will help students not just to succeed academically, but also to thrive with challenges and live at their very best.

The Program focuses on three core areas that are the always-entwined aspects of every individual: body, mind, and soul.


BODY (HEALTH): Our students learn and practice techniques that focus on a healthy lifestyle: sound nutrition, sleep, how to organize their time effectively, how to recover from stress… Physical exercise and outdoor activities in the nature are also part of our program.

MIND (WELLBEING): We support our students to find the means to flourish. They learn habits that help them find their inherent sources of strength, such as mindfulness, and how the use of technology affects us. Our vibrant program of speakers and workshops will offer opportunities to meet experts on resilience, empathy and other skills that are important not just for careers but for life.

SOUL (HAPPINESS): We support and guide our students as they attempt to set goals and find the next steps in their education. Building meaning and confidence is key toward finding a life’s purpose. Contribution to society is also an integral part of The Global College, and students are offered different venues to make a meaningful impact in their community.

Our wellbeing program is overseen by Dr. Mario Alonso Puig, president of the IE Center for Health, Wellbeing and Happiness and a professor of leadership, communication, coaching, creativity, and stress management at IE and other schools in Europe.

Here you can find some of his core ideas:

    • Reinventarse. Mario Alonso Puig talks about his best-seller Reinventarse. An inner journey that will help us to face all our challenges. This book is translated into 14 languages.
    • Your three superpowers. Alonso Puig shares some insights of his book “Tus Tres Superpoderes”. An essential work that talks about those resources that we have in our body and soul and that we will need to unleash especially in these difficult times of Covid 19.