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The Group 4 Project is an interdisciplinary science initiative undertaken by our IBDP students, aimed at fostering a profound comprehension of the intricate connections between various scientific disciplines and the contemporary challenges we face. As part of this enriching project, our students had the privilege of visiting Canal de Isabel Segunda, an organisation responsible for managing the entire water cycle within Madrid.

During their visit, the students embarked on an insightful exploration of the current state of water sustainability in Madrid. Utilising their knowledge and research skills, they crafted an infographic, which not only highlighted the existing situation but also presented innovative solutions for the city to ensure a consistent supply of clean water for the next 100 years. This exercise allowed them to delve into the critical issues of water conservation and management, fostering a sense of responsibility for the environment and the well-being of their community.

Our students took part in a hands-on challenge. Working collaboratively in teams, they endeavoured to construct a functional water filter using simple household items. Throughout this process, they focused on optimising the filter’s effectiveness in purifying water while maintaining an efficient flow rate.

The experience at Canal de Isabel Segunda instilled a sense of environmental stewardship within our students, empowering them to become proactive contributors to a sustainable and responsible future.