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The inaugural Students’ Open Day, a momentous occasion orchestrated by the collaborative efforts of the IBDP1 and IBDP2 student ambassadors, took place this month, marking a significant milestone in the annals of the school’s outreach initiatives.

The remarkable team, characterized by their unwavering enthusiasm and dedication, assumed pivotal roles during the event, embodying unparalleled camaraderie, adept guidance, and exceptional leadership.

Their multifaceted contributions ranged from extending warm welcomes and providing insightful guidance to prospective candidates to orchestrating engaging sessions tailored to offer a glimpse into the unique collegiate experience awaiting future attendees. The ambassadors’ collective display of unity, teamwork, and adeptness showcased an exemplary demonstration of their commitment to fostering a welcoming environment for aspiring students.

Adding a melodious note to this vibrant occasion, the school’s music band, comprising the talents of Harutyun, Kiren, Nicolás, and Sami, adorned the event’s conclusion with a captivating performance of instrumental music. Their harmonious melodies provided a fitting closure, leaving a sense of joy and inspiration among attendees.

As the curtains drew on this successful event, the anticipation for forthcoming Open Days heightened, promising more opportunities for prospective candidates to witness the vibrant essence of the college community and its diverse offerings.