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The Class of 2024 at The Global College, eagerly concluding their International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP) journey, has not only showcased academic excellence but also garnered an impressive tally of scholarship offers from universities across the globe, totaling over €9 million as of June 4.

This substantial amount underscores the recognition and appreciation of the students’ exceptional abilities by leading universities worldwide. With each passing week, this figure continues to soar, reflecting the ongoing success and recognition of the students’ accomplishments.

The diverse array of scholarship offers originates from esteemed institutions spanning the globe, with prominent contributions stemming from universities in the United Kingdom and the United States such as King’s College London and Brown University. This international recognition underscores the global impact and appeal of the students’ academic achievements and extracurricular endeavours. Moreover, it highlights the extensive reach and influence of The Global College’s educational programme, preparing students for success on a global scale.

Students have also received scholarship offers from leading universities in Spain, such as IE University, CUNEF and Universidad de Navarra.

It’s important to note that the aforementioned scholarship figure represents only a fraction of the higher education destinations pursued by our students. As admission processes continue, the number of scholarship offers is expected to rise further, underscoring the continued success and advancement of our student body.

Such remarkable achievements would not be possible without the dedication and support of The Global College’s counselling team, whose tireless efforts have played an instrumental role in guiding and assisting students throughout the application process. Their expertise and commitment have empowered students to pursue their academic aspirations and secure opportunities for higher education.

In celebration of the students awarded scholarships thus far, and in recognition of the collaborative efforts of the school’s counseling team, congratulations are certainly in order.