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The Global College began its second year earlier this month by welcoming a new cohort of students from around the world, all of whom are set to begin the IB program with us and work on gaining key skills and experience before applying to leading universities.

But behind the scenes, a key group of personnel arrived in Madrid even earlier, beginning preparations for the year ahead – our new teachers and faculty members.

The new teachers joining the college have been working since the 21st August with Principal Barry Cooper and IB Coordinator César Prado introducing the technology, pedagogies, and approaches we work with.

Our new team was excited to meet with current students who came to greet them on their first day. Our student ambassadors did an amazing job as part of this induction: giving them the benefit of their year of experience as part of The Global College.

The founding team of teachers from last year have been in constant contact with the incoming faculty these past months, but were very pleased to meet them for real on campus and work on planning a transdisciplinary program for the 2023/24 academic year.