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We launched our Entrepreneurship Program, an initiative that seeks to develop an entrepreneurial mindset and skills as part of our academic program. Entrepreneurship is one of the key pillars of our learning experience and what makes our IB Diploma innovative and unique.

Allison Rohe, Executive Director of IE Impact, gave a speech at the kick-off event and highlighted the importance of entrepreneurial thinking in every type of organization, and the advantages of a diverse team to create the best innovations.

What is entrepreneurship and why is it relevant?

Entrepreneurship means identifying and evaluating new opportunities in order to create value.

The entrepreneurial mindset has an important impact on young generations as it helps them grow and become individuals that shape the future and create positive impact. They are able to recognize opportunities, solve problems, take initiative, accept responsibility, and are open to risk.

The key attributes of a successful entrepreneur

Successful entrepreneurs have certain attributes in common that help them navigate environments with high levels of uncertainty and stress. These include:

  • adaptability
  • confidence
  • curiosity
  • empathy
  • resilience
  • being action-oriented

Everyone can learn and strengthen these skills for their career development, which are essential not only in terms of university success, but in different areas of life and society.

The Entrepreneurship Project at The Global College

Throughout the year, as part of the entrepreneurship program, students will be working on an entrepreneurial project in teams, where they will put into practice these skills and begin to develop their entrepreneurial vision. They will learn about research, collaboration, developing value propositions and solutions as well as testing and generating new business models. Additionally, pitching and communication skills are key elements in the program in order to explain and sell their ideas.

The program has been designed in alliance with IE University, and the IE Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation, ranked 1st in Europe for Entrepreneurial Studies according to Bloomberg Businessweek Ranking 2021.