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A group of four ambitious and science-driven students at The Global College, namely Pia, Maya, Daria, and Julia, recently found themselves in the exhilarating presence of Dr. Jane Goodall, an icon in the fields of ethology and environmental activism.

Dr. Goodall, celebrated worldwide for her groundbreaking work as a primatologist and her tireless efforts in promoting global environmental consciousness, graced Madrid with her wisdom as the keynote speaker at the prestigious “Healthy Cities 2023” event.

These budding scientists were not mere spectators; they were honored guests, invited by the Jane Goodall Institute to partake in the conference and engage directly with the luminary herself. Dr. Goodall, not only a United Nations Messenger of Peace but also a Member of the World Future Council, shared her invaluable insights on building healthier cities, emphasizing the pivotal role of youth engagement in shaping a sustainable future.

The meeting between these college scholars and Dr. Goodall wasn’t just a casual encounter; it was a strategic initiative to foster collaboration. The Jane Goodall Institute has extended an invitation to the students to contribute their passion and expertise to the Roots and Shoots project. This interaction serves as a stepping stone for these aspiring scientists, propelling them into a realm of real-world applications and meaningful partnerships, as they embark on a journey to contribute to the broader canvas of global environmental conservation.