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This month, our campus buzzed with an atmosphere as it played host to a grand showcase of educational excellence. Fourteen esteemed universities from across the globe graced our campus, each bringing forth their esteemed undergraduate programs. Among these illustrious institutions were venerable names such as Cambridge University, Bentley University, the University of Warwick, Columbia University, Georgetown University, and the University of Stirling, to name a few.

These visits are an integral part of our University Guidance Program, meticulously designed to offer our TGC students a panoramic view of the myriad educational prospects awaiting them. Beyond the captivating presentations and insightful sessions, the sessions served as a gateway for our students to explore and contemplate future academic journeys, particularly within the distinguished landscapes of the United Kingdom and Germany.

As our students delved deeper into these offerings, they paved the way to sculpt their academic trajectories and steer towards the fulfillment of their aspirations.