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Are you thinking about applying to the The Global College but aren’t sure if it is for you?

Before applying, I was also looking for more information about the school, which will be my home for 2 more years, so it’s okay if you would like to get a glimpse at the experience beforehand. I’m here to help.

In this article, I’m going to share with you a few ways in which you can truly experience TGC to have a feel of our school and fall in love with it!


Check out the Social Media Channels

Did you know that The Global College has Instagram and TikTok? Our social media is a great tool for you to peek into TGC culture and student life. You can find the school on both channels as @theglobalcollege.

Through our social media you will always stay up to date with all the happenings taking place at the College, as well as be aware of the latest events, achievements, and activities.

Our social media often features content created by students, which allows you to explore diverse perspectives of our student body and gain a more comprehensive picture of the school’s culture.

Events and cultural traditions is another thing that you will find in our socials. The school often arranges unique cultural events, trips, or excursions. Social media will allow you to experience these aspects together with TGC students and will give you a sense of the school’s spirit.


Visit TGC Student Open Days

A few times per year, from October to December, The Global College conducts Open Days exclusively for students, when you can come to school and experience a few lessons with TGC teachers, activities and workshops with other candidates interested in the College

Pistol duels (with fake pistols, of course) during history class, creating a real marketing campaign, or performing chemistry experiments are just some of the activities that take place during the Student Open Days. If this sounds like something you would like to try, make sure to contact the Admissions Team and register here to receive an invitation.


Take a Virtual Campus Tour

If you can’t make it to the TGC school campus in person – no worries! Taking a virtual campus tour is another opportunity to see our school campus with your own eyes.

Thanks to a 360º advanced technology, you will have the opportunity to walk the hallways of the school, peek into classrooms, and explore every corner of The Global College in a tour hosted by our students.

This virtual excursion with our current students is a way for you can feel the cozy atmosphere of our school and fall in love with the place that may become your new home.

You can take a look at the Virtual Campus Tour here.


Connect with Current Students

Connecting with current TGC students is another way of diving into the day-to-day experiences that shape the unique culture on campus

Engaging with current students when applying to our school can be crucial for gaining invaluable insights into the culture, academic environment, and overall student experience.

Informal conversation can help you to see a broader picture and have more information and insights about the school.

If you think you would be interested in this opportunity to talk to students to learn more about the experience, don’t hesitate in contacting the admissions team. They are super nice people who will arrange a call for you and make sure to find a student who will answer all your questions.


Shadowing a student

One more opportunity to truly experience the daily life of the TGC student is to visit campus during the school day. This option is available for international students who are not able to attend Student Open Days.

Yes, you heard me! You have the opportunity to meet some of TGC’s students, with whom you can go to their classes and see what the format of the lessons is usually like.

I have been a guide for a few prospective students who visited the TGC campus and it was a truly meaningful moment, which allowed me to share my own personal experience and make a few more friends that might join our TGC community.

To organize such a tour, contact admissions and they will be happy to help you find a convenient time and classes that interest you.

Therefore, there are many ways (both in person and online) in which you can engage with the TGC community before coming to The Global College. Don’t miss your chance to get to know us better and fall in love with The Global College.


About the Author

Ksenija is a boarding student from Latvia. She is a multilingual enthusiast with fluency in Latvian, Russian, and English, along with proficiency in German and basic Spanish. Ksenija loves to read and actively helps her community by being a volunteer in a library and organizing different projects. Interested in Public Policy, Business, and International Relations, Ksenija looks forward to combining all her skills and experiences to pursue her passion for helping people.