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Entrepreneurship Finals held at Google

Our Entrepreneurship projects finals took place at the Google Campus Madrid, one of the 7 venues worldwide set up by Google to support tech-based startups. At an ideal location to drive the entrepreneurial spirit, our student finalist teams presented their innovative ideas and received a warm welcome by the Head of Google for Startups for Europe, Middle East and Africa, Sofia Benjumea, who shared their mission to help startups succeed by providing access to top-notch resources, and bringing together a diverse community through trainings and mentoring.


Keynote Speaker: Juan de Antonio, Founder and CEO of Cabify

Juan de Antonio, Founder and CEO of Cabify, talked to our students about his experience as an entrepreneur and the challenges he has faced since he founded his company in 2011. In just over a decade, Cabify has become a multi mobilty platform operating in more than 40 cities in Spain and Latam and with over 1.200 employees. Juan explained to TGC students how Cabify is fulfilling its mission by transforming cities and leveraging data, and when asked about the most important characteristic for an entrepreneur to be successful, he highlighted purpose, for him the main driver that pushes founders forward when working on a project.


Final Presentations of the Entrepreneurship Project

Congratulations to finalists PlaniMe, Nomad Travel, Connect, Fylo, Time Treasure, and EZT Easy Eating for their presentations! All teams have undergone a process of research, design thinking, ideation and validation of their problem and solutions. They created an engaging pitch lasting 4 minutes to present their value proposition to a jury at the venue. All of the teams showed strong communication skills and quality in their presentations.


Congratulations to the Winners: PlaniMe!

After a tough competition and inspiring pitches, the PlaniMe team won the Entrepreneurship Project finals: Congratulations to the team for their work! PlaniMe is an app that seeks to create real and long term relationships based on values and interests, by connecting people to attend events and leisure activities in the city. They will have the opportunity to pitch at the IE Venture Day in July!


Semi-Finalists Start-Up Ideas

“Turning waste into help collecting food that is going to be thrown away, donating it to people in need through soup kitchens.”

“Finding interesting CAS activities when completing the IB Diploma.”

“Putting foreigners in touch with small local businesses to make the most out of their experience abroad.”

“Keeping Spanish teenagers on top of their tasks by personalizing reminders through location.”

“Informing young adults about the different types of contraception and putting them in contact with gynecologists.”

“Providing reliable and personalized information to young travelers.”

“Relieving food consumers of time constraints by recommending the most personalized spots to eat, speeding up the whole process.”

“Helping fight procrastination of homework through gaming.”

“Helping patients choose the right hospital in case of emergency.”

“Offering leisure activities to help build social relationships.”


Event Pictures