Over the past several weeks, our dedicated and compassionate students have poured their hearts and efforts into a noble cause: collecting vital donations to aid the victims of the devastating earthquake in Morocco. This heartfelt initiative is a testament to the incredible spirit of solidarity and empathy that thrives within our school community.

Two remarkable individuals, Manar and Gabriela, have taken the lead in organising clothing donations. Their tireless commitment and boundless enthusiasm have inspired their peers to join in the endeavour, resulting in a remarkable outpouring of support for those in need.

Meanwhile, two other students, Jinte and Matilda, founders of CSF (Community Support Foundation), also mobilised teams of students to collaborate with them in collecting donations from shoppers at Mercadona, a local supermarket. Their approach to community involvement has not only garnered generous contributions but has also fostered a sense of unity among our students.

As the culmination of these collective efforts,we were able to send a truck with supplies destined to alleviate the suffering of an entire community impacted by the earthquake. It is our hope that the contributions and dedication of our students, coupled with the support of our generous donors, will offer some sort of support to those facing adversity.

This endeavour goes beyond simply gathering material donations; it exemplifies the spirit of altruism, teamwork, and empathy that we strive to instill in our students. It reinforces the notion that even in the face of global challenges, the actions of dedicated individuals can make a profound difference, and the bonds forged during such endeavours will leave a lasting impact on our school community and beyond.