The Global College will offer a limited number of places for the first year of the Baccalaureate starting in September 2022. If you are considering sending your son or daughter to our college, we strongly recommend you to attend the information sessions and visit us beforehand.
The application process is to open in Autumn 2021. We will particularly look for signs of candidates’ good all-round potential through school reports, extracurricular achievements, personal interviews and tests. Candidates will also need a high level English in both speaking and writing. The process, however, is friendly and it aims to ensure that students are suited to a highly demanding IB Diploma Programme*.
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We do not want endless documentation; we want to get to know our students. Our process is a chance to get to know them through their teachers, their work and their interviews with us. Once they join, it is then our job to offer the very best learning experience to the students able to commit to the demanding IB Diploma Programme and enjoy this diverse, global learning journey.

Through this enrollment process, we would like to identify the best applications, taking into consideration not only the grades but also communication and intercultural abilities, extracurricular achievements and critical thinking skills. We will offer our students a real opportunity to take responsibility for their learning process and we will expect each learner to be or become a motivated and self-driven member of our community.

Most of our enrollment process will be digital, allowing for smooth communication and flexibility, no matter what place in the world you are in. The following will be expected from our candidates:

Evidence of good English level

Video auto presentation

Essay (250-500 words)

Previous-year final grades

Current academic year grades


Cognitive abilities test

Extracurricular achievements

Within these submissions, we will be looking very closely for evidence of ambition, teamwork, personal responsibility, and most importantly: a great attitude to learning.


Equal chances to access the best quality education is at the core of our values.
We will be offering financial support and fellowship programme for the best students.
More information will be provided once the enrolment process is open.


If you are interested in studying the two-year Baccalaureate Programme in The Global College, please fill out the form below. 


If you are interested in studying the two-year Baccalaureate Programme in The Global College, please fill out the form below.